Klaus Johann Grobe – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton – Thursday 5th december 2019

5th December 2019
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Hope & Ruin

Presented by: Acid Box Promotions.

Price: £8.80


Klaus Johann Grobe
Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe latest album “Du Bist So Symmetrisch“ came out October 26 2018 via Trouble In Mind Records. As the pair release their third album for the Chicago-based label, they continue to defy description and blur the lines between electronic pop, dance music, synthesis and kosmische.
“Du Bist So Symmetrisch“ follows the inevitable path laid out by their previous album (the Basel Prize- winning Spagat der Liebe), incorporating the slinky, jazz-fusion-laced grooves populating late night clubs and braiding them together with the band’s own blend of mutant electro-funk. Driven by an organic, metronomic beat aligned with synth, chant-like vocals, and a monstrous funky bass, the music aims towards a certain kind of hypnosis, particularly as the sleeping pill echo-heavy vocals cycle over the locked grooves the pair throw down.

“It’s all about the vibe and the groove, which mellow and melancholy but decidedly danceable.” – Brooklyn Vegan