Break The Fable – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton – Sunday 8th March 2020

8th March 2020
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

The Hope & Ruin

Presented by: Go Live Promotions.

Price: £4.40


Break the fable are Marley Strukelj on vocals, Joe Yandle on guitar, Callan Rogers on bass and Jason Roberts on drums. They met on and off over the years at Ivy Arch Studios in Worthing. They have been writing and rehearsing there for the last year and recorded demos at the end of 2018. They didn’t want to be pigeon holed so there was never a set style or intention for what the music should be like. Categorised as ‘rock’ but wanting to bring all their different influences into their sound.

Each member would bring a song based on their instrument, then the creative process became a combination of all four interpreting where the song should end up. Their common ground: ‘write what you like and someone else might like it too.’

Koala club are a four-piece jangle indie band bringing catchy guitar riffs and singalong lyrics to the show, with the sole intention of creating feel good music. The brand spanking new outfit have set out to bring their totally fictitious genre into the spotlight and you’re joining them.

Paul Martin is singer songwriter who loves what he does and isn’t afraid to. show it! He made the bold step to become a full time musicians by relentless hitting the road. He has played hundreds of gigs across the UK and has quickly built a keen following, writing catchy tunes with an old school reggae flavour.

Common Buzzards are an alternative rock band from Sussex. Formed in 2018, Alex Green (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Joe Parrott (Lead Guitar), Harrison James (Bass), and Tommy Woodberry (Drums) merged through social media to create their unique sound.
The four-piece, previously known as The Buzzards, have recently released their first EP called ‘Super Soul’. It includes four songs that have been key to the band’s success and progression in the last few months. The boys have graced the stages of some fantastic venues such as the Tunbridge Wells Forum, The Hop Yard, The Islington, & Latest Music Bar in Brighton.