Thyla – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton – 16th February 2019

One of NME’s top 100 essential acts of 2018, indie-rock four-piece Thyla have been making waves in recent years. As well as having some great tracks on their newly released debut EP, the group have also allegedly built a “sterling live reputation”. With this knowledge, I was very excited to see for myself just how true this statement was when visiting The Hope & Ruin for their headline show, which included support from LibraLibra and La Lune.


Thyla – Interview 2019

Brighton-based Thyla have been kicking around for a while, firstly as the solo project of Millie Duthie, before she grew the idea into a full band. After releasing a steady stream of singles over the last couple of years, they have just dropped their debut EP, What’s On Your Mind. Adrenaline-fuelled but with a dreamy undertone, it’s already received rapturous applause from all quarters.


Thyla – What’s On Your Mind

We’ve waxed lyrical about Brighton quartet Thyla ever since we heard their debut single ‘Ferris Wheels’ back in 2017. Since then, they’ve developed and honed their sound, subsequently evolving from a band heavily referencing 80s gloom-pop in the ilk of Cocteau Twins, into a behemoth of their own. Whether it’s with each brilliant single, or their quite brilliant live performances, Thyla have etched their way into the Brighton zeitgeist. For Thyla hold their own unique place in indie music right now; where they’re not only bringing something iconically new to the saturated platter, but they’re inducing their own distinct vitality and glamour on their brand of dark and ingenious guitar pop.


Thyla announce debut UK tour and SXSW slot

Things are really heating up for Brighton’s buzziest band, Thyla. After dropping the superb ‘Blue’ last week, the quartet have played a raucous and packed-out headline show at London’s The Shacklewell Arms this week as well as announcing their very first headline tour of the UK and their first trip to the USA.


Thyla are feeling ‘Blue’ with enigmatic new single

Even we’re getting tired of our own voices when we talk about Thyla – but we just can’t help ourselves. Such is the dynamism and brilliance of the Brighton quartet – with brilliant 2018 singles ‘Candy’, ‘Blame’ and ‘I Was Biting’ under their belt as well as some breathtakingly exciting live shows – that we just can’t help ourselves but to wax lyrical about the four-piece.


Isle of Wight Festival 2018

Whoever’s decision it was – whether it was new owners Live Nation, promoter John Giddings, or indeed Solo Music Agency – to move the Isle of Wight Festival to Glastonbury weekend, it turned out to be a masterstroke. Not only was the sun blazing for four days straight with not even a sign of any clouds, let alone rain, but it was one of the busiest Isle of Wight weekends since its reformation back in 2002, as seemingly everyone filled the fallow year void across the Solent.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the very first year back in 1968 (which saw the likes of Jefferson Airplane, T. Rex and Fairport Convention flock to the island), this year too had a suitable amount of legends in the form of Nile Rodgers, Van Morrison and Depeche Mode, as well as enough new music to keep it feeling as fresh and vital as ever. One thing the Isle of Wight Festival has always done well is straddle generations, as well as genres, and this year was no different. Like so few festivals, the age range must have stretched from five to 80, and everyone was there for a good time.


The Great Escape Festival – 2018

To paraphrase that Marmite film classic, the streets were alive with the sound of music! Over three long days and nights, Brighton did truly come alive as The Great Escape juggernaut rolled into town for its 13th edition. The festival for new music saw over 500 acts playing in 40-odd venues, representing countries from all around the globe. If you add in the The Alternative Great Escape, and the plethora of events and pop-up performances arranged off the back of TGE and AGE, you’re looking at closer to 1,000 acts in 80-odd venues. Yes, it was mad, but glorious. Helped along by some beautiful mid-May sunshine, somehow within all the chaos, Brightonsfinest were out in force, documenting, commenting, and enjoying what we like to do best. Watch live music.

So, brace yourself. If you were there, hopefully memories will be stirred. If you weren’t, dive into our thoughts about the state of new music, and check out our many recommendations.

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Brightonsfinest Alternative Escape Showcase

Brightonsfinest are once again taking over the breathtakingly beautiful St Mary’s Church on Saturday 19th May, during The Great Escape Festival, for another great day of music. After the success of last year’s Alternative Escape showcase, we are excited to bring you the full line-up that boasts to be our best yet. It’s free entry to all and features ten fantastic emerging as well as established acts from Brighton and further afield. Check out the line-up below.

SJ Brett, Charles Watson, Dog In The Snow, Thyla, Trudy and The Romance, FUR, Her’s, Wild Front, The Fiction Aisle, Phoria.


Thyla – Interview 2017

Brighton’s Thyla have recently been carving a reputation for themselves nationwide with a flurry of singles that have been well-received in the online world. Having met at music university, the band have guided themselves through the woods of dark-indie rock to produce a finer, more agile beast, a sound taken up in their recent single releases, ‘Pristine Dream’ and ‘Ferris Wheels’. With a sound scattered in the ashes of 80s and 90s shoegaze and alt-rock, Thyla can successfully litter their simplistic structures with a range of soundscapes and sonic experimentation, leading to a noise reminiscent of Ride, early Verve and Swervedriver.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the band off the back of their recent performance at London’s Waiting Rooms earlier this month. We got down to discuss their musical progression over the last six months or so and what drew them together in the first place. As it happens, the universe really does have its ways: