The Great Escape Festival – 2018

To paraphrase that Marmite film classic, the streets were alive with the sound of music! Over three long days and nights, Brighton did truly come alive as The Great Escape juggernaut rolled into town for its 13th edition. The festival for new music saw over 500 acts playing in 40-odd venues, representing countries from all around the globe. If you add in the The Alternative Great Escape, and the plethora of events and pop-up performances arranged off the back of TGE and AGE, you’re looking at closer to 1,000 acts in 80-odd venues. Yes, it was mad, but glorious. Helped along by some beautiful mid-May sunshine, somehow within all the chaos, Brightonsfinest were out in force, documenting, commenting, and enjoying what we like to do best. Watch live music.

So, brace yourself. If you were there, hopefully memories will be stirred. If you weren’t, dive into our thoughts about the state of new music, and check out our many recommendations.

Read reviews from Ben Walker, Dan Whitehouse, Liam McMillen, Iain Lauder, Jeff Hemmings, Jamie MacMillan, Ben Noble


Scuffle – The Quadrant, Brighton – 23rd March 2018

How old I felt as I walked up the narrow stairs of The Quadrant pub, where I’m greeted by the pair collecting tickets on the door playing the game Buckaroo and the question, “What’s your favourite emoji?” Drawing a blank I stupidly reply “The poo”, and before I could rethink my answer my arm was being tagged and I had been given an unwanted conversation starter on a Friday night still in its infancy. These added theatrics all give hints to what kind of band the headliner is – a band that aren’t happy to settle for the norm, a band that are driven to stand out in a congested crowd.