Public Access T.V. – Green Door Store – 24th February 2018

There are times in this great city of ours, where the music scene is almost too good. Saturday 24th February was one such night, where home town heroes Fur were playing their biggest ever gig at The Haunt and Hookworms, fresh off their exceptional new album Microshift, played a sold-out show at Patterns. This left me worrying for Public Access T.V.’s capacity at Green Door Store on the same night, but I shouldn’t have worried. Although not sold-out, there was a more than modest crowd that filled up underneath the train station and for good reason. Not only did Public Access T.V. release their terrific second album, Street Safari, the day before, but the New York four-piece certainly know how to put on a show.


Public Access T.V. – Interview 2018

Public Access T.V. are one of the most polished and finessed bands on the scene at the moment. Their first record, Never Enough, garnered comparisons to The Strokes for its hook-heavy, jovial take on indie guitar music, but they’ve certainly got the depth and the tunes to not just be a hand me down Strokes rip-off. Filled with great indie-pop tunes, as well as a juvenile sense of fun and freedom, it was an exciting record that lovingly looked back to early 2000s American rock.

Their second record, Street Safari, out 23rd February, has seen them move in a different direction. Sounding more like Talking Heads, David Bowie and Television, it’s a funk-laden record with more than enough disco beats to soundtrack your Saturday night out. Brightonsfinest spoke to frontman John Eatherly about the new record, touring the UK and his vast array of influences – including the life-changing first listen to Television’s Marquee Moon and how he was influenced by Mick Jones’ Big Audio Dynamite without even listening to them!


Public Access T.V. – Street Safari

High school friends drop out of school and catch a New York City bound bus with dreams of starting a band. Frenzied press hype soon follows, along with label bidding wars, a debut album, and a global tour. The story of Public Access T.V. is one from the music industry of yesteryear and not this current digital age. Yet this is what makes it even more remarkable and enthralling.