The Great Escape Festival – 2018

To paraphrase that Marmite film classic, the streets were alive with the sound of music! Over three long days and nights, Brighton did truly come alive as The Great Escape juggernaut rolled into town for its 13th edition. The festival for new music saw over 500 acts playing in 40-odd venues, representing countries from all around the globe. If you add in the The Alternative Great Escape, and the plethora of events and pop-up performances arranged off the back of TGE and AGE, you’re looking at closer to 1,000 acts in 80-odd venues. Yes, it was mad, but glorious. Helped along by some beautiful mid-May sunshine, somehow within all the chaos, Brightonsfinest were out in force, documenting, commenting, and enjoying what we like to do best. Watch live music.

So, brace yourself. If you were there, hopefully memories will be stirred. If you weren’t, dive into our thoughts about the state of new music, and check out our many recommendations.

Read reviews from Ben Walker, Dan Whitehouse, Liam McMillen, Iain Lauder, Jeff Hemmings, Jamie MacMillan, Ben Noble


SPECTRUM: All Day Special – Brighton Dome – 21st April 2018

Spectrum, a project of the Brighton Dome to support local music, has run a concert on Record Store Day for a few years in the Studio Theatre but, as that is being redeveloped at the moment, they decided to host the event in the main concert hall this year. It is an eight hour marathon of almost non-stop live music with some of the best local acts around, in collaboration with the Green Door Store venue, QM Records and Love Thy Neighbour record labels.


Porridge Radio – Bad Breath

Porridge Radio, the bedroom project turned fully-fledged musical vision by frontwoman Dana Margolin, are becoming a bit of a live staple in the Brighton music scene. Whether a solo performance or as a band, they’ve impressed audiences with their mixture of lo-fi post-punk, and witty and creative lyrical cynicisms – as well as being one of the few local bands you’re genuinely excited to see time and time again. After 2016’s excellent Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers, they’re back with another collection of demos in the form of Bad Breath, which continues the rough around the edges vision of the unfastidious project.


Porridge Radio / Penelope Isles – Latest Music Bar – 30th September 2017

So Saturday is on and tonight’s show is set out as a ‘battle of the bands’ joint headliners set. There’s two of the biggest ‘about to breakthrough’ Brighton bands on the bill tonight. On the one hand you have Penelope Isles, who have been building their sound and following for years now. Notable fans would include Matt King, who everyone spots in the audience, then pretends as if they didn’t. Porridge Radio are certainly on the quirkier spectrum. They’ve been a name headlining the majority of local venues for a few years now.