WOMAD Festival 2018 – Charlton Park, Wiltshire

Music from far and wide – 130 countries to be precise – descended on WOMAD Festival (World of Music, Art & Dance) to turn the Earl of Suffolk’s beautiful Charlton Park estate in Wiltshire into a musical Mecca. Now in its 36th year, the four-day event holds a reputation for being one of the politest, most relaxed and feel-good festivals out there.


MarthaGunn – Interview – 2016

MarthaGunn have become the band on the tip of everybody’s tongue right now in Brighton. After recently launching their debut single, ‘Heaven’, through Blood Red Shoes’ Jazz Life label they seem to be plotting big things for the future.

As far as bands go, they are largely a slow burning group, taking every move carefully and methodically ensuring that all the failsafes are in place before stepping into the darkness. What this has lead is a strength in their sound and social media presence. Nothing is done haphazardly therefore nothing feels incomplete. Their single launch at The Joker recently was testament to how they have grown as a group. I had a chance to catch up with Humphrey, Max and Ally over a coffee to discuss their past, present and future as a band. We also talked about how outlining all their workings out as a group has lead them to have such a fortified sound.