Jarvis Cocker – Patterns, Brighton – 26th March 2018

How fitting that, in Easter week, a charismatic and frequently full-bearded man of the – forgive me (Father!) – ‘Common People’ should rock-up in town, staging his own resurrection. Emerging from the appropriately tomblike depths of the cavernous basement at Patterns and proving that there is, indeed, life after big-band death, this was the other ‘JC’ – Jarvis Cocker – pouring forth pearls of worldly wisdom that seemed to captivate everyone who had come to hear the man preach.


Jarvis Cocker intimate gig!

The legend that is Javis Cocker has just announced a short tour of small venues in the UK, begining with Patterns, 26th March, as part of a short tour of small venues.

He’ll be performing with a band of friends under the moniker JARV, including Serafina Steer on harp and keyboards, Emma Smith on violin, Andrew McKinney on bass, and Three Trapped Tigers‘ Adam Betts on drums.