Iceage – The Haunt, Brighton – 10th September 2018

Danish post-punk six-piece Iceage, who are currently touring their new release Beyondless, treated the ears of their dedicated fans at The Haunt. They had support from Josiah Konder, who also travelled a similar distance for the show.

Now, I wish not to be mean, but Josiah Konder made a mistake touring with Iceage. Not because they were bad (they weren’t), just uncomfortably similar to the headliners – but a bit less settled in their image. Then again, for a lot of the fans in attendance, anything similar to the headliners most definitely wasn’t a bad thing.


Iceage release new video

Retro psych-prog warriors Iceage released their fourth album Beyondless back in May, and they’ve now shared a flowertastic new video for its track ‘Under The Sun’.

The video was filmed in Tokyo, and shot as part of the band’s ’Opening Nights’ residencies, which saw them collaborating with their favourite visual artists.


Iceage – Beyondless

Four years after their last album release, everyone’s favourite Danish post-punk outfit return with Beyondless – a culmination of their three previous albums, in what is a far more assured, evolved and meticulous sound. Whilst New Brigade emitted a youthful take on post-punk, You’re Nothing gave them a more hardcore edge, before Plowing Into The Field Of Love came along with a more subtle disposition. All three have seemingly morphed together to form a lush, dramatic LP with added instrumentation and an evolution in songwriting.