Fur – Patterns, Brighton – 15th February 2019

How fitting that Brighton’s very own dream boys Fur would release their EP and play a very special Brighton headline show around Valentine’s Day. For the quartet are this generation’s quintessential romance band. The leader of a burgeoning scene of 50s throwbackers, also including the likes of Trudy and the Romance, Her’s and their support on the night, Honey Moon, Fur are one of the most exciting indie bands in the country. This show, too, was further proof of that, with the band bringing their debut EP to Patterns in some style. Magical and spellbinding, and witnessed by an enthusiastic and adoring crowd, Fur truly are infectiously affectionate.


Fur – Fur EP

There’s just something enchanting about Brighton quartet Fur. From their retrogression music videos (the ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ parodying croquet-learning video for ‘Angel Eyes’ being a particular highlight), to their almost magical rise on YouTube, where they’ve been played millions of times and fans go absolutely bananas for them, they’ve been an utter joy to watch evolve into an indie behemoth that, genuinely, could go on to incredibly exciting things across the globe. That’s without mentioning the music, too, which has been near-perfect time and time again.


Fur reveal second song on their debut EP

It’s an exciting time for Brighton quartet Fur. Not only are they just about to embark on their first ever headline tour across the UK, but they’re also gearing up to release their first EP. At the end of last year they released the lead single, ‘Angel Eyes’, and now they’ve followed it up with ‘Him and Her’, another delicate number from the doo-wop group.


Fur return with the gorgeous ‘Angel Eyes’

From the moment we first laid eyes on Brighton quartet Fur we knew they were onto something special. Since then, we’ve seen them dominate The Beach stage at this year’s The Great Escape festival – as well as our very own stage for the Alternative Escape – and headline The Haunt at the start of the year.


Brighton band Fur release new single

With a sound that harks back to the reverb-drenched rock’n’roll sounds of the 50s and 60s, Fur are unapologetic retro-pop romanticists. They made their mark with ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’, viewed on YouTube over one and a half million times so far, and the appropriately first-named Murray, Harry, Tav and Flynn have just released ‘What Would I Do’. The boys say, “It’s based around the realisation and actuality of the people who surround you at any given time can quickly become distant and not part of your life and maybe having feelings of sadness towards the uncertainty of not having familiar faces around in your life”.


The Great Escape Festival – 2018

To paraphrase that Marmite film classic, the streets were alive with the sound of music! Over three long days and nights, Brighton did truly come alive as The Great Escape juggernaut rolled into town for its 13th edition. The festival for new music saw over 500 acts playing in 40-odd venues, representing countries from all around the globe. If you add in the The Alternative Great Escape, and the plethora of events and pop-up performances arranged off the back of TGE and AGE, you’re looking at closer to 1,000 acts in 80-odd venues. Yes, it was mad, but glorious. Helped along by some beautiful mid-May sunshine, somehow within all the chaos, Brightonsfinest were out in force, documenting, commenting, and enjoying what we like to do best. Watch live music.

So, brace yourself. If you were there, hopefully memories will be stirred. If you weren’t, dive into our thoughts about the state of new music, and check out our many recommendations.

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­Who to see at The Great Escape 2018

Back for its 13th year, The Great Escape is the premier showcase in Europe for new music. Over three days and nights, Brighton is host to 450-plus acts playing over 30 venues, from around 20 countries. You won’t have heard of many of these acts, but quality and potential is the name of the game here. Along with a few fairly established names, the bulk of the bill is made up of acts who have shown their talent, and are on the cusp of bigger and better things. It is a fabulous opportunity to check out new music, covering almost all genres known to man. Alongside The Great Escape, there’s The Alternative Escape, which also features a wealth of stunning new talent, and The Great Escape Convention, where many of the music industry’s movers and shakers congregate to check out the talent, and do a spot of networking and deal making. For three days in May, Brighton truly is the place to be! To help you get a grasp of what is out there, we asked various Brightonsfinest contributors, along with some industry players, to give us the lowdown on who they are looking out for.


Brightonsfinest Alternative Escape Showcase

Brightonsfinest are once again taking over the breathtakingly beautiful St Mary’s Church on Saturday 19th May, during The Great Escape Festival, for another great day of music. After the success of last year’s Alternative Escape showcase, we are excited to bring you the full line-up that boasts to be our best yet. It’s free entry to all and features ten fantastic emerging as well as established acts from Brighton and further afield. Check out the line-up below.

SJ Brett, Charles Watson, Dog In The Snow, Thyla, Trudy and The Romance, FUR, Her’s, Wild Front, The Fiction Aisle, Phoria.


Fur – The Haunt – 24th February 2018

Playing their largest headline show to date, upcoming Brighton talent FUR brought together a packed show tonight which was fun, fresh and what may possibly be the resurgence of a genre into the modern age.

Opening tonight are BLUSH, a Brighton group who already have a great deal of respect from the Brighton music community, their dreamy sounds and soothing tones from vocalist Asya Fairchild made for a great opening to the evening. This was BLUSH’s first show back in around half a year, so the nerves were surely flowing, but the group performed a fantastic set which will surely be the foundation for many more this year.