Love Supreme Festival 2018

Man, was it hot! The sixth edition of Love Supreme Jazz Festival was bathed in wall to wall sunshine for its duration, a veritable cauldron of baking summer sounds and party vibes emanating from all corners of the expanded site, in the pitch perfect setting of the expansive, gently rolling grounds of Glynde House. As one wide-eyed punter put it as they entered the arena, “This weekend is going to be sexy!”

For sure, clothing was liberally dispensed with, but it really was a tad too hot to engage in any other physical activity apart from the partying kind. With Love Supreme increasingly a magnet for all ages, it truly is a remarkably accessible music festival of very high quality for those who like to have a bit of fun, too.


Earth, Wind & Fire – Interview 2018

The word legend is bandied about all too readily these days, sprinkled like confetti by beyond-themselves music fans and hyperbolic journalists. However, there can be little argument that Earth, Wind & Fire are exactly that. Proper legends. Titans of music. Giants of the form. They've won 20 Grammys, been inducted in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, and sold over 90 million records. They get me excited, see. And there's plenty of excitement in the air generally as they head our way to perform a Sunday headline slot at this year's Love Supreme festival.