Belle and Sebastian – Interview 2018

Over two decades in and Belle & Sebastian don’t look like letting up any time soon. Their latest record, How to Solve Our Human Problems, split into three EPs, showcases the best attributes of the Scottish six-piece in a delightful 15 song piece. From the solemn ‘Poor Boy’ to the majestic ‘The Same Star’, they haven’t lost that pop gravitas that made everyone fall in love with them all that time ago.

They played the Brighton Dome on Thursday 15th March in a show that we said made fans feel involved in an evening that covered each area of the band’s discography. Before the show, Brightonsfinest caught up with band’s multi-instrumentalist Sarah Martin for a chat about the new project, the chemistry the band has with their fans, and the legacy of the band.


Belle & Sebastian – How To Solve Our Human Problems

In the latest chapter of a musical story that has been going for 22 years, Belle & Sebastian return to bring a little bit of joy and a whole lot of sunshine into the world once more. How To Solve Our Human Problems sees them continuing to play by their own rules, just as they have always done since their 1996 debut Tigermilk. They quickly followed up on that with a trilogy of EPs, recorded and released at a rapid rate in case, as frontman Stuart Murdoch described it, “Someone took the keys to the studio away”. Thankfully that never happened, and this latest trilogy is now brought together as a compilation album and box set. It is absolutely the work of a band who no longer feel the need to do anything other than exactly what they want to do, even including how they release their music. Fans of their sunny disposition are in for a treat.