Lewes Psychedelic Festival announces 2019 return

Lewes Psychedelic Festival will be back to blow your minds in 2019, with this two-day event taking place across 8th and 9th February, and tickets are on sale now.

Held on two consecutive nights, at the Lewes Arms (8th) and All Saints Centre (9th), expect superlative light shows (courtesy of Innersprings), live bands, and DJs. 

So far only Brighton’s synth and drums duo AK/DK have been announced, with the rest of the line-up to be announced over the coming weeks.


­Who to see at The Great Escape 2018

Back for its 13th year, The Great Escape is the premier showcase in Europe for new music. Over three days and nights, Brighton is host to 450-plus acts playing over 30 venues, from around 20 countries. You won’t have heard of many of these acts, but quality and potential is the name of the game here. Along with a few fairly established names, the bulk of the bill is made up of acts who have shown their talent, and are on the cusp of bigger and better things. It is a fabulous opportunity to check out new music, covering almost all genres known to man. Alongside The Great Escape, there’s The Alternative Escape, which also features a wealth of stunning new talent, and The Great Escape Convention, where many of the music industry’s movers and shakers congregate to check out the talent, and do a spot of networking and deal making. For three days in May, Brighton truly is the place to be! To help you get a grasp of what is out there, we asked various Brightonsfinest contributors, along with some industry players, to give us the lowdown on who they are looking out for.


AK/DK – Patterns – 3rd March 2018

It’s really quite impressive that a band as experimental, diverse and offbeat can not only play Brighton’s Patterns on a Saturday night, but also pack it to the rafters. Such is testament to the band’s uniqueness for rhythm, and dynamic use of the musical art form that it seems to lock itself into people’s heads. At times during the night, AK/DK’s beautiful swirls of noise seemed to be controlling people into a time-warped trance. There’s a hypnosis to AK/DK that is so captivating it could put a spell on the most easily distracted group of people, like a group of toddlers or a group of lads on a night out.