BrightonsFinest: Best Electronic Tracks 2015 (Page 2)

Sonzeira – ‘America Latina’ (Falty DL Remix) 
Released as part of Gilles Peterson’s Brasil Bam Bam Bass project which saw the legendary tastemaker move to Brazil to pay homage to Latin/ South American music, Falty DL’s Remix of Sonzeira’s ‘America Latina’ is a spicy, percussive yet eternally laidback track that can’t help but make you want to move. Containing warm marimba chords and a persistent uplifting vocal sample, the track contains multiple unexpected elements including what sounds like a howler monkey in the background to create a beautifully authentic, groovy piece of music.
release on Brownswood Recordings.
DJ Rashad, Nick Hook and Machinedrum – ‘Understand’
Confounding his lasting effect on the electronic music scene a year after his death, DJ Rashad’s innovation is again used posthumously to record a tribute to the great artist. Teaming up with legendary hip-hop producer Nick Hook and the master of the hyperactive kick drum, Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum, ‘Understand’ is a haunting, introspective piece that has the gusto to turn a dancefloor into a seething mass of energy.
Taken from the Movin’ Forward: A Tribute To DJ Rashad, a Machinedrum self-release.
Jam City – ‘Proud’
The sepia toned nostalgia and warm, fuzzy chords of Dream a Garden are a sharp contrast to the concussive minimalism of Jam City’s debut album Classical Curves. His skill as a musician is emphasized in the way that he has completely turned his sound around and ‘Proud’ is the best example of his new, reverb heavy sound that combines an ambient synthesizer, twangy guitar chords and Jack Latham’s very own distorted vocals to produce a soothing, mellow relief from our increasingly chaotic world.
 release on Night Slugs.
DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad feat. Danny Brown – ‘Dubby’
With 2014 very much a year of mourning for the Teklife Crew after the sudden death of one of their most important members, the late, great DJ Rashad, 2015 has been a prolific year for the Chicago-based crew with the release of their Til Tha Next Life compilation, featuring footwork artists from all over the globe. Incorporating some of Rashad’s previously unreleased work, DJ Spinn teamed up with Detroit MC Danny Brown to make a track inspired by Chicago’s diverse musical heritage but wonderfully melodic and energetic at the same time. ‘Dubby’ couples a jazzy synth breakdown interspersed with sax riffs with a fierce Jungle bassline. Along with the frenzied footwork beat throughout and Danny Brown’s repetitive ghetto refrain, the track goes from 0-100 and back to 0 again, transitioning fluently through multiple genres but staying true to the Chicago sound.
 release on Hyperdub.
Ambassadeurs feat. C Duncan – ‘Looking at You’
An artist that could definitely be classed as one of Brighton’s Finest, Ambassadeurs makes meticulously crafted music that spans intimate ambient elements as well as shuddering techno and electro vibes. His collaboration with Mercury Award nominated C. Duncan sees the producer explore underwater, mutant sounds working in tandem with the ethereal vocals of the Scottish Singer.
release on Lost Tribe Records.
Circula – ‘Lost’
Circula’s very unique form of stripped down, percussive jazz-step has always been very underappreciated in my eyes but his release of ‘Lost’ on Push And Run saw the Totnes producer, located in Berlin, receive the credit he deserved and really define his singular, musically articulate sound.
 release on Push And Run.
Mount Bank – ‘Everything is Glass’
Hailing from Donky Pitch’s thoroughbred stable, Mount Bank embodies the footloose, eclectic style that has made the Brighton label so well respected in dance music circles. Starting off in the same vein as a Christmas song, the Brighton native’s careful atmospheric construction gently layers multiple sounds together to create tension before stripping away these elements to lend the track an overwhelming sense of tranquillity.
 release on Donky Pinch.
A.Fruit – ‘I Miss You’
A relative newcomer on Italdred, the London label putting out Techno, Grime, Footwork and everything in between, A.Fruit puts together tracks with sweet vocal samples and catchy rhythms. I Miss You is a perfect example of her ability to combine chopped up vocals with a frenetic beat to make a genuinely uplifting and carefree song.
released on Italdred / Dred Collective.
Contours – ‘Eyes Down’
Still a relative unknown, Manchester producer Contours makes chilled out yet upbeat hip-hop instrumentals reminiscent of Mr. Scruff’s best work. ‘Eyes Down’ utilizes a simmering jazz riff to evoke feelings of smoky, late night jam sessions in early summer when the best is yet to come. He is definitely one to watch and another string in Rhythm Section’s ever-growing bow.
Taken from the Contours – Technician release on Rhythm Section
24 Hours (Rabit Blend)
Forging a weightless, sometimes beat-less sound, Texas producer Rabit has inspired much of the emotive, melodic grime that has been all the rage this year. Though he uses lots of Eski-influenced sounds and icy bleeps, Rabit maintains that he doesn’t make “grime” and his blend of a Hip-Hop tune encompasses the best of both worlds. Sharp stabs and a wavering, frozen synth accompanies Teefli’s smooth West-Coast drawl perfectly to create a straightforward but luscious track.
A remix for the Mr. Mitch – Parallel Memories release on Planet Mu.