Pins – Interview 2017

PinsPins have had an absolutely stellar 2017. From the release of their Bad Thing EP earlier in the year they’ve been building a whole new level of traction around them and the spotlight has definitely started to shift towards Pins’ direction. After non-stop touring throughout the year they haven’t shown any hint of losing steam. Their latest single ‘Serve The Rich’ is an extended arm to the alienated and a song that oozes with Pins’ cool charm. Before they embark on yet another tour across the UK, Pins frontwoman Faith Holgate had a brief chat with us about their successes of 2017 so far.

Serve The Rich’, like much of your music, seems to want to directly communicate a message towards your listeners. If there was one sole thing you wanted listeners to take from your music, what would it be?
I think people attach different meanings to songs and lyrics, it might not be the original intent of the songwriter but that’s just how it goes. I know I do that when I’m listening to my favourite records. As long as people feel something or get something from Pins then I’m happy. When people at the show tell me our songs have helped them feel strong or have got them through a difficult time then my heart just melts.

On the flipside to that, is there anything you feel that gets misunderstood about the band or something that gets assumed too often?
A lot of guys assume I’m singing about guys when I’m really not.

Alongside ‘Serve the Rich’ you’re re-releasing ‘LUVU4LYF’ from your first EP as the B-side. What did you want to rework about that song?
It’s the only song from our first EP (LUVU4LYF) that we have played consistently on our tours, it’s just a little nod to the past and to the people who were there with us when we started this whole thing.

Going back to ‘Aggrophobe’, you got Iggy Pop to take the lead, how did you approach asking him to do the vocals?
We were in Scotland recording the Bad Thing EP, we decided to record ‘Aggrophobe’ despite not having a vocalist to perform on it – we wanted the track to have a male lead, my husband wrote the lyrics and he was on the original demo, it never felt like a song that I would perform. I guess it seems bold to go ahead and ask Iggy Pop but we thought he would be perfect and he was.

Would it be correct to assume that maybe album three is on the way? Is there anything you can say yet about it?
I don’t know, it’s written.. we’re ready.

You’ve spoken before about your influences musically and it’s pretty clear what groups you draw influence from but what are some influences perhaps people wouldn’t expect?
I’m not sure what you wouldn’t expect, I’ve been listening to Peter Perrett lately, he’s playing Manchester soon, I hope I’m home then because I really want to go.

At your live shows you seem to like getting the audience as involved as possible, be it going into the crowd or bringing them on stage, which you don’t see much of anymore, do you try keep this part of every live show?
It depends on the crowd, sometimes they just need a shake, you know? To loosen up. That’s what I’m doing up there.

You’ve been touring the UK and stateside, recording singles and playing festivals, what’s been your best moment of the year so far?
Having Iggy Pop perform on ‘Aggrophobe’ is still unreal, it’s the holy grail.

You’ve done some fantastic shows supporting some great bands and you’ve had some brilliant bands support you. Which have been your most memorable?
We are touring in Europe with The Breeders right now, they treat us like queens, I haven’t carried any of my own shit the entire time.

Chris Middleton