Oscar – Interview – 2015

Oscar Interview 2015
Oscar has been turning a lot of heads lately, becoming one of the most sought after acts to emerge from London. From an early age Oscar Scheller taught himself to write music, all by ear and hasn’t stopped since. As an avid record collector, his eclectic sound crosses many genres; from hip-hop grooves and moody punk grunge songs to lovelorn and dream ridden melancholy – music truly is his playground. Soon to be playing at the 234 Festival at the Green Door Store at the end of September, I spoke to Oscar to find out more.
What music were you brought up on?
Punk, House, UK Garage, R'n'B and Indie. Pop music with attitude.
Can you remember the first album you brought?
First album I bought was Now That’s What I Call Music! 34 – It had ‘Wannabe’, ‘Charmless Man’, ‘California Love’, ‘Mysterious Girl’, ‘Born Slippy’ and ‘Wonderwall’ on it. All bangers.
What is your most cherished vinyl?
Weezer – Weezer (Blue Album)  
Do you have a favourite instrument and why?
I started playing piano when I was six, but guitar is the most fun to play because it's so physical and percussive.
How would you briefly describe your music?
Happy/sad, melodic, groovy, uplifting
What are your main influences?
Anything with groove, soul, a pleasing melody and a good vibe
What inspires your lyrics?
Real life and reflections on experience.
How do you approach the writing/recording process, do you surround you self with people or hide away behind closed doors?
Always staying in, and staying up. 
Tell us a bit about your latest EP Beautiful Words?
It’s about waking from the dream. I wanted to make something that encapsulated the material that had surfaced and an EP was the perfect format to do so. I've been using a lot of old school drum loops and mostly write on a Casio keyboard and guitar – that was the foundation of the sound. I recorded it all at home. 
Is there an album coming soon?
Album will be out early next year!! It's eclectic.
What would be your perfect line-up of any 3 acts for a concert and were world you put it on?
The Smiths open the night. Then after a few drinks Nirvana co-headline with Big L, who even does a verse of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. At The Victoria in Dalston.
If you could work with any artist, who would it be?
Jai Paul. Cause we could get really stoned together and make amazing soul music. 
If you could have made any song ever, which one would it be?
‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed
Do you get to go watch many gigs?
I make a real effort to go to gigs as much as I can! Recently The Big Moon have rocked my world. Before that, Chris Cohen really stayed with me.
What has been your happiest memories with music?
Whenever a song comes together. And then you play it to someone and the response is good. And when people get in touch about the music too!
What are your future plans for the summer and after?
Doing a few shows with Teleman in September, then off to America for CMJ Music Marathon in October. I’m supporting Gengahr around Europe in October/November. Next release is a single which I'm very excited about.
Website: OscarOscar.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/Oscar