Boo Seeka – Interview 2017

Sydney based duo Ben Gumbleton and Sam Croft, otherwise known as the alluring live electronic duo Boo Seeka, blew Brighton away at the 2016 Great Escape and look set to do exactly that again in The Prince Albert next month. Ahead of their headline show and debut album release I caught up with Sam from the band.

Can you give us a brief history of the band and how it was formed?
We were formed at the beginning of 2015. We met, wrote the song ‘Kingdom Leader’ and two weeks later we were on a national tour and haven't looked back.

How would you describe your music?
Our music is pretty diverse, we like to paint images and put you in them, so it's pretty dreamy, emotive stuff.

How old are the songs on the album and what was the recording process?
There's one song on the album that came from our very first writing session, and a few that we're written throughout the last two and a half years on tour buses, in car parks, garages, hotel rooms and wherever we could really. Most of the songs were written this year. Everything gets worked on in Sammy's bedroom and once we're happy with it we take it to our producer Ian Pritchett's garage where he sprinkles his magic dust on it.

Are you conscious of how the tracks will sound live when you’re in the studio?
We love playing live, and so yeah we think about how the songs will go down in the live environment while we're writing them. Creating moments ya know; making people dance and feel.

Can you pinpoint the influences from the album?
There's a ton of influences in this album; artists like DJ Shadow, The Prodigy, James Blake and Rufus all resonated in our ears while this album came together. The crunchy beat throughout ‘Turn Up Your Light’ was inspired by DJ Shadow's album Endtroducing. The impact of the ‘One Day’ interlude was inspired by the power of James Blake's Retrograde. Whilst these influences weren't thought of during the writing process of the album, as we were producing it these influences helped guide some of our songs into the sonic space we wanted.

Is there a particular process that your songwriting goes through when crafting the tracks?
We don't have a single songwriting process. Sometimes Boo will bring a song to me on guitar, I'll build music around it and we'll go from there. Sometimes I'll make a beat and Boo will come up with the vocals.

What does the next 12-18 months have in store for the band?
Who knows what the next 12-18 months have in store for us, that's what's so exciting about this band and we love it. One thing I'll say is there'll be more music, more tours and more wine.

If you could work with any artist, who would it be and what would they bring to?Boo Seeka? ?
We're looking for an MC at the moment, someone with the right style and flow. We wanna work on something new in the next six months, exciting times.

What music are you listening to at the moment? Are there any bands on your label that we should listen out for?
We travel the world a lot, and we've come across some killer artists of late. A couple we saw at SXSW last year stand out; Post Malone, but a lot of people are across him. Get on Lewis Del Mar, homies of ours from the States. We hype up to them before we go on stage.

Is there a particular ethos that drives you as a band?
Our ethos is work your ass off. Don't stop, enjoy yourself every step of the way and there's no such thing as too soon.

What is your relationship with the city of Brighton?
We love Brighton. We were there last year for The Great Escape and spent a day exploring the city. Pebbly beaches eh? Can't wait to be back!