Wild Beasts tamed

A self-imposed ‘time’ has been called for this brilliant band, who achieved a very healthy level of commercial success for their complex and innovative mix of electronic and guitar-driven music. For those who’d watched the Cumbrian group turn into one of the most inventive and important bands of their generation, the news came as a shock. Weren’t they just hitting the peak of their powers? “I think there’s a life cycle with any band,” says Hayden Thorpe, singer with the band. “It reaches a point where the snake begins to eat its tail. Our last album, Boy King, felt just like our first record in many ways – in its ‘fuck you spirit’, in its sense of self-destruction.”

As well as a handful of dates to finish things off in the live arena, they’ve just released Last Night All My Dreams Came True, a career-spanning collection of songs re-recorded live in the studio, that features material from each of their studio albums. Ahead of their time in every way, their dignified departure is a very brave move, and we closely await what the individual members will do next!