Wake up to the sound of Sylvia Mwenze on debut single ‘Alarm’

With the likes of Taff’s My Element EP, Caged Tigers’ dazzling new single ‘Home’ and Scarlett Fae’s soothing debut ‘Knew You’, it’s safe to say that Brighton label QM Records have been on a bit of a roll in the latter half of 2018. Following in that thrilling line of hip-hop and soul is Sylvia Mwenze with her gorgeous debut single ‘Alarm’.

Nothing like the annoying buzz of your morning alarm, the phenomenal vocalist, now based in Brighton, has produced a beautiful gem of a track. Essentially a slice of neo-soul, with vocals steeped in old school r’n’b and whirling and stuttering synth line, it’s an utter delight. Having proved herself performing with fellow Brighton collectives Lebeaux and One Eyed Jacks, ‘Alarm’ proves that it’s finally time for the wonderful singer to step out on her own.