Thyla are feeling ‘Blue’ with enigmatic new single

Even we’re getting tired of our own voices when we talk about Thyla – but we just can’t help ourselves. Such is the dynamism and brilliance of the Brighton quartet – with brilliant 2018 singles ‘Candy’, ‘Blame’ and ‘I Was Biting’ under their belt as well as some breathtakingly exciting live shows – that we just can’t help ourselves but to wax lyrical about the four-piece.

With brand-new single ‘Blue’, a live favourite for anyone who has caught their show in the last few months, too, the future is looking very bright for Thyla. Kickstarting with a pulsating drum beat, and slowly morphing into something far more upbeat, the track once again showcases the beautiful tones of lead singer Millie Duthie and the band’s gloom-pop aesthetic.

Featuring beautiful lyrics such as: “Have you ever been a victim of your own mind / Seen a passage of time go by paralysed / It’s a fear of danger / It’s a frame of mind” the band aren’t just exhibiting their immense musical ability, they’re showcasing themselves as brilliant writers too.

Thyla’s next Brighton show will be Neat Neat Neat’s ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on Saturday 24th November and it’s free entry.