Teleman announce new album

TelemanAhead of their Great Escape show (19th May, Paganinni Ballroom, Old Ship Hotel), London four-piece Teleman have announced details of their new album, Family of Aliens, to be released early September.

‘Cactus’ is the second track to be released from the album, following on from ‘Submarine Life’, both displaying an enhanced love affair with motorik and 80s new wave.

The accompanying video manifests the themes of loneliness, youthful ideals and how materialism can be a pretence to mask solitude. [This song is] for people who spend a lot of time, money and thought on looking good but can’t actually let anyone get close to them. In youth, most preoccupations are base and wasteful – what to wear, what party to go to, who said what to whom. If you carry these on into later life you might be deeply unfulfilled” explains Sanders.

As well as The Great Escape, they’ll be at various festivals over the summer, before embarking on a UK headline tour, including Concorde 2, 9th October.