Take a sip of Moonoversun with their brand-new single ‘Drinkin’

Moonoversun, the pop duo who were the first band signed to Brighton-based independent record label Pool Valley Records, have had a cracking 2018 thus far with two fantastic singles in the form of ‘Girls/Boys’ and ‘Friendz’. Embracing their pop sensibilities wholly, as well as creating a gorgeous and colourful aesthetic for themselves, both their records and live shows have an enticing postmodernist pop twinge.

Excitingly, they’re back with a brand-new single, ‘Drinkin’, which is a burst of energy that, once again, follows in the footsteps of modern popstars like Charlie XCX. Featuring joint vocals from Isaac and Sofia, it’s a confident, sassy and uplifting track that we’ve come to expect from the “iconic duo”. Simply, though, no one in Brighton is making music like them and it’s incredibly refreshing.

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