Steve Mason announces new album and tour

Following the re-release of his former group The Beta Band’s legendary first three EPs, Steve Mason has announced details of his fourth solo album, About the Light, as well as a UK tour, that includes a date in Brighton at St. Bartholomew’s Church, 9th February 2019.

About The Light will be released on 18th January 2019, and the first single, ‘Stars Around My Heart’, has just been released, accompanied by a video directed by Brother Willis. The LA-based director said about his time working with Steve, “We share a mutual love for the textures and warm personality that outdated formats have in contrast to the crisp HD 8K of today.

“It was an incredible collaborative experiment to shoot on Tube Camera and modern camera and put it all out to tape and back to try and achieve the feeling of watching a beloved sci-fi movie from your youth. And a good excuse to have amazingly talented people build an alien vessel and hone their early 80s visual effects skills. We were aiming for an uplifting, psychedelic Spielberg effect that hopefully we achieved.”

“It’s a beautiful, confident, positive, angry, loving and gentle album which once again moves what I do forward,” Steve says about the new album. “David Bowie said that you should always be slightly out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve greatness, and for the first time perhaps ever, I deliberately pushed myself into that place. Who doesn’t want greatness?”