Seeva and La Lune collaborate on ‘Heartstop’

La Lune x Seeva

This is very exciting indeed. Brighton artists Seeva and La Lune have teamed-up for a brilliant collaboration on ‘Heartstop’. Written while both were single on Valentine’s Day, it’s a track that combines two different sides of the pop spectrum. While La Lune’s pop sensibilities lie more on the indie side, with The xx and Bon Iver cited as influences, Seeva tackles a more mainstream edge, and the finished product is something incredibly special.

A beautifully harmonised duet, the track is reminiscent of the likes of Troye Sivan meets The Japanese House, and is one of the most impressive pop tracks to come from the up-and-coming artists in a long, long time. Both artists have impressed us, but together they’ve hit a creative peak. You can listen to the track below.