Roger Waters shoots his mouth off

Roger WatersFollowing the equal measure dumb-ass and hilarious quotes (“The Beatles were the worst musicians in the world”, and dismissing rap music out of hand as being just a bunch of four bar loops), Quincy Jones also offered some more considered (and correct) opinions about the music of John Coltrane, and some interesting insights into the mind of Michael Jackson.

Yet, while Jones is revelling in elder statesman status and not really giving much of a fuck as to the consequences of his loose lips, super-grouch Roger Waters continues to ratchet up the vitriol a notch or two, way beyond what even the Gallagher bothers are capable of.

However, as always with Waters, politics is what he is most interested in, and his recent interest in trying to bridge peace between Israel and Palestine has exercised his turbo-mouth towards those who insist on performing in Israel. So, while praising Lorde for boycotting Israel, he’s not been so kind towards Thom Yorke (“A self-obsessed, narcissistic, drippy little prick”), or Elton John (“He obviously doesn’t give a fuck about anybody else except the lesbian gay whatever whatever community”).

In the meantime, you can purchase tickets to see Waters on his suitably entitled Us + Them tour at various shows in the UK this summer, including British Summer Time at Hyde Park on 6th July.