One Eyed Jacks’ Scarlett Fae releases debut single ‘Knew You’

Whether it was a natural progression, or down to promoters and labels like QM Records, but Brighton is not just known as guitar band central anymore. Over the last year to 18 months, the genres of soul and funk have gained prominence on the unsigned scene with the likes of Banumathi, Caged Tigers and Francesca Fulmini each releasing soul-tinged delights. Now, Scarlett Fae, from seven-piece funk-rock band One Eyed Jacks, has dropped her debut single ‘Knew You’.

A brooding and soothing slice of soul that lackadaisically ebbs and flows until its terrific finale, it could go down as one of the finest debut singles of the year. Showcasing Fae’s gorgeous tones, it’s not one to be slept on. Take a listen to the track below.

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