Lala Lala announces UK tour and shares new video

Following the recent release of new album The Lamb, Lala Lala – the Chicago-based project of Lillie West — has announced European tour dates for early 2019 along with a new video.

The video for ‘Scary Movie’ is made up of recently discovered footage, originally filmed on 16mm by West’s parents before she was born. West re-edited it for the new song, explaining, “‘Scary Movie’ is primarily about perception and the often blurred line between reality and non-reality.

“For the video I wanted to use this 16mm footage my parents took of each other before I was born because although I didn’t exist yet, their experience is in some way a part of me, so watching it is both familiar and disorienting. This is where I came from, but if I view it as memory, I am technically wrong. It feels real and fake at the same time, which is how every day feels sometimes, and is what the song is about.”

She’ll be hitting Europe early next year including a date in Brighton, at The Prince Albert, 14th February.