Kero Kero Bonito tease new album with ‘Time Today’

London indie-pop trio Kero Kero Bonito are releasing their new album, Time’n’Place, later this year, with the first release ‘Time Today’ out now.

Their leftfield alt-pop is weird and wonderful, and they are playing their first Brighton date since 2013 at Patterns, on 2nd October.

Influenced by J-pop, dancehall and video game music, the band consists of vocalist Sarah Midori Perry, producer Gus Lobban, and producer Jamie Bulled, with Perry rapping in both Japanese and English, with a Casio SA-45 mini-keyboard providing the backbone. Their name’s meaning is intentionally ambiguous, with one derivation from the Japanese onomatopoeic words for frog croaks and a type of fish. Other meanings could possibly include the Brazilian quero-quero bird, and the Portuguese translation of ‘I want, I want, beautiful’.