Is Darwin Deez The World’s Best Kisser?

Darwin Deez has announced his fourth album, 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart, will be released in August, proceeded by new single ‘The World’s Best Kisser’. He’s also announced a UK tour, including a date in Brighton on 2nd October.

The emphasis, it seems, will be on the lyrics. “Ever since I bought my first CD – Last Splash by The Breeders – I’ve been internally railing against the kind of vague nonsensical stuff that passed for lyrics in the 90s”, he explains. “It’s not that it was objectively bad, but it was so cryptic and over my 13-year-old head that it infuriated me. Everyone is getting a free pass, lyrically”.

He goes on, “I’ve always respected country songwriters because they’re some of the last ones standing, lyrically. They’re some of the last writers not to be getting away with murder out here. They don’t mess around in Nashville.”

‘The World’s Best Kisser’ is, according to Deez, “A reflection on the mystery of attraction and the attraction of mysteries. After writing the song, I learned of Thomas Mann’s concept of ‘erotic irony’, that flaws/imperfections are what make a person identifiable within a piece of devotional art. And so to write a love song that is truly about a specific person is to write something that cuts the person down to size a bit. Which is paradoxical but true – that in order to glorify someone in a love song, you might point out their defects”.