Grasshopper leap into action with Stricken EP

Things have been pretty quiet on the Grasshopper front this last year or so. After having been simultaneously one of the youngest and buzziest bands in Brighton for some time, university departures and line-up changes forced the group to step out of the limelight. However, now they’re back, with the excellent sounding Stricken EP.

Available digitally from the band’s Bandcamp account, or limited physical editions at upcoming shows, the EP represents a significant step forward for the band sonically. Recorded at Eastbourne’s famed Echo Zoo Studios in September, this is a renewed band in every way – better recording, better tones, better performances, and greater maturity to their post-punk arrangements without compromising any of that youthful energy that made the band such an inviting prospect in the first place but now with plenty more menace and atmosphere.

In particular, singer Javi Fedrick’s deep baritone has developed into a more powerful vehicle for his dark and brooding lyrics. We hope this release is a sign we’ll be seeing a lot more of the band in 2019! The group have just announced a show at The Bee’s Mouth on Thursday, December 20th, to launch the EP.

‘Stricken’ EP by grasshopper