George FitzGerald releases Bonobo collaboration

George FitzGeraldRising UK producer George FitzGerald has released his third single, ‘Outgrown’, from his upcoming album, All That Must Be, a collaboration with UK ex-pat Bonobo.

FitzGerald has been touring with Bonobo of late and, as well as sharing similar musical sensibilities, their life experiences have been mirroring each other of late. While Bonobo’s Migration album of last year was partly based on his experiences of moving from Brighton to LA, All That Must Be focusses on FitzGerald’s choice to step away from the club scene, as he gets older and enjoys becoming a father of late.

“I wanted to mirror the uncanniness you feel when a massive event happens in your life. Everything looks and sounds the same but it’s somehow different. Your surroundings are less intelligible,” Fitzgerald has recently said about his changing circumstances.

As well as Bonobo (Simon Green), there are collaborations with Lil Silva, Hudson Scott and Tracey Thorn on All That Must Be, which will be released on 9th March, on Domino Records. FitzGerald will also be performing at The Haunt, 26th March, as part of a UK tour.