Gazelle Twin announces single and album release

Gazelle TwinI want to get the fuck out of here NOW” is the panic-stricken sentiment behind Gazelle Twin’s new single, ‘Hobby Horse’, the first fruits from her new album, Pastoral, out on 21st September, on her own label, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.

Gazelle Twin headlines Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, on 23rd June. In keeping with her ever-morphing performance persona, Gazelle Twin is now clad in red and white, head to toe, the colours of a familiar flag.

A nod to deep and recent history; a jester-come-morris dancer. A post-pagan hooligan riding its Hobby Horse or conjuring terror with its pipe, revealing the madness and violence of “ye olde” traditions slammed within contemporary cliches.

Gazelle Twin, aka Elizabeth Bernholz, explains, “Pastoral is an album that juggles British identities. A musing on how a sordid past becomes “quaint”… and that there is horror in every idyll.”