Fur reveal second song on their debut EP

It’s an exciting time for Brighton quartet Fur. Not only are they just about to embark on their first ever headline tour across the UK, but they’re also gearing up to release their first EP. At the end of last year they released the lead single, ‘Angel Eyes’, and now they’ve followed it up with ‘Him and Her’, another delicate number from the doo-wop group.

‘Him and Her’ is, once again, another brilliantly 50s-inspired track that instantly slots into their oeuvre. Frontman Murray says the song is, “About trust and distrust in a relationship. Trying to tell if someone trusts in you and how that can lead to you seeing them in a completely new light. Then, ultimately, the battle of deciding whether you want to be with them anymore.”

Fur EP will be released on Valentine’s Day, while the band play Brighton’s Patterns the day after, on 15th February.