Collect Call drop debut single ‘Greenhouse’

As fantastic as the Brighton music scene is it does seem, at times, to be a little too guitar and rock-heavy. Which makes Collect Call, the new project from Joseph Thorpe, even more exciting. The Brighton trio leave the indie-rock style guitar hooks for a dose of electronica that is more aligned with the likes of Four Tet, James Blake and Thom Yorke. Using euphoric synthesisers and emotive vocal hooks, their debut single ‘Greenhouse’ is a beautiful, yet sombre, piece that makes you want to return again and again.

Described by the band as, “The frozen state between fight or flight, where anything is possible but at a cost”, it’s a song about the details: the black and the white, and the good and the bad of life. Evoking Visage’s hypnotic 1980 single ‘Fade to Grey’, Collect Call have more than piqued our interest.