Caleb Harris returns with ‘The Reasons I Fear’

We were first introduced to Brighton-based Caleb Harris with his acoustic folk debut ‘Banshee’. Featuring brooding vocals and an atmospheric ambience, it massively impressed us. Now he’s back with ‘The Reasons I Fear’, another beautiful track that relies far more on a pop sensibility than its moody predecessor. Celebrated with a single launch show at The Prince Albert, it’s a beautiful track that reminds us of the acoustic euphoria of the likes of Seafret and Amber Run.

Speaking to us exclusively, Harris told us that, “’The Reasons I Fear’ (for me anyway) is about being afraid about a certain commitment, through the fear of letting yourself or other people down by your own self doubt, but it kind of leans into the fact of ‘if you don’t try it, you’ll never know what will happen’. It’s basically a push to forget those kind of fears and keep on going with these tasks with a new mindset, which I imagine quite a few people will relate to.

“This track was heaps of fun to work on with the band; the solid idea of the song was there but we were still all bouncing around ideas of the vibe of the whole track. I thought putting those nice slide guitars on would put that kind of wavey and laid back feel to it, which we thought worked really well.”

A different sound to the usual guitar-heavy Brighton scene, we think Caleb Harris is someone very special indeed. You can hear ‘The Reasons I Fear’ below.