Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes announce new album

Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes have announced the release of their fifth album Get Tragic, out 25th January.

Relentlessly gigging off the back of their 2014 self-produced and self-titled record, the wheels finally fell off for Blood Red Shoes at the end of that same year, exhaustion at the never-ending cycle of recording and touring taking its toll. Guitarist and lead singer Laura-Mary Carter says, “We finished touring and then we weren’t sure if we were gonna be a band anymore.” While drummer Steven Ansell says, “We fuckin’ hated each other… We didn’t, at any point, have a breather. We probably didn’t see each other for about 10 days a year, tops, for six or seven years.”

Once their touring obligations had ended, Laura packed her bags and bought a one-way flight to Los Angeles, fell in with a songwriter’s crowd, penning tracks and collaborations with big-time pop producers and pitching songs for the likes of Rihanna.

It provided her with, “A lot of time to reassess,” she says. Steven, conversely, “Went out and took drugs and went clubbing for about half a year,” he laughs. “I don’t remember a lot about it. Classic break-up move, right?”

Still, this is all the ammo you need when the batteries have ben re-charged, and the relationship re-kindled. “That’s the whole running theme of this record,” says Steven. “The reason we called it Get Tragic is because we realised that everything we’ve been doing over the last three years is kinda tragic!”

No more, as the first fruits of the album, ‘Mexican Dress’, amply demonstrates.

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