Brighton-based Moth work up a ‘Thirst’ on debut single

Having supported the likes Bel Esprit, Safe to Swim and Belles around the city, Moth, the Brighton-based quintet, have been stamping their mark on the local live scene ever since their arrival on the South Coast. Working their way up to their debut single – an important moment in the life of any band – they’ve finally arrived with ‘Thirst’, which is a tropical indie banger with tinges of reggae and ska.

Written about, “The concept of being thirsty for success”, and recorded at Brighton Electric with Lewis Amoroso, ‘Thirst’ holds a special place in the hearts of the bands – and not just because it’s their first release. Recorded with former member Joe Green who, tragically, took his own life at the end of September, the record is a capsule of their time spent together. Poignant, and fresh, Moth are certainly a band to watch.