Amber Arcades announce new album and UK tour

Amber ArcadesAnnelotte De Graaf, aka Amber Arcades, releases her second album, European Heartbreak, on 28th September, via Heavenly Recordings. As well as a number of European and UK festivals during the summer, she’ll be in Brighton, at The Haunt on 12th October.

The band recently shared the video for ’Simple Song’, which is part two in a trilogy of videos which aim to give a deeper understanding of the new album and, more specifically, De Graaf’s thinking around what’s currently happening in Europe, around love, as well as the passing of time and how the three intertwine.

Annelotte said the following about ‘Simple Song’, “This music video tells a modern European (love) story, touching on various thoughts and feelings that inspired my new record. Using the medium of film to tell this story ties it to one of the central ideas of the record, which is the essential nature of storytelling in understanding our lives. For me, part one focussed very much on a feeling of isolation, being trapped in an external surrounding which feels anxious and numb at the same time. Part two, the music video for ‘Simple Song’, translates these feelings into the dynamics of a romantic relationship.”

‘Simple Song’ follows the release of the single, ‘Goodnight Europe’, and its accompanying video which was part one of a three-part story. Part three is to follow soon.