Alfie Neale gets ‘Tongue Tied’ on latest single

Alfie Neale’s debut single, ‘Liquor Dreams’, set off a chain reaction for the Brighton-based artist’s career. Since it dropped, he’s performed sold-out headline shows, appeared in reputable music blogs, and announced a huge headline show at Brighton’s The Haunt. It was always going to be difficult to follow that up, then, but thankfully Neale has done it perfectly.

‘Tongue Tied’, his brand-new single, shows just enough of his neo-soul tendencies that was seen on ‘Liquor Dreams’, but also exhibits a different side to the talented artist. Showcasing a broader energy, with a more rough-around-the-edges vocal take, it’s another beautiful track with an outrageously brilliant saxophone solo at its climax. At this point, it’s worth wondering if Alfie Neale can do any wrong.

Alfie Neale – ‘Tongue Tied’