David Elphick – Bmusic

What is Bmusic?
We are a community focussed music TV production company aimed at promoting the local music scene in a thorough and unbiased way possible through entertaining and informative television programming. In short, we exist to shine a spotlight on all corners of this fantastic, talent-rich local music scene by putting it online and on TV. At the moment it is Latest TV in Brighton, but we hope to further our reach in 2015.

Bmusic is pretty much volunteer run and we are lucky to have attracted a variety of dedicated people of all ages and backgrounds, passionate about their music and the local music scene. We can offer them great practical opportunities to boost their experience.

Why did you set it up (and when)?
A group of us who attended the Latest TV channel meetings started discussing music TV back when it was first reported that Latest had won the license for the local area. As things progressed it became clear that the channel wasn’t able to commit any finance to put music TV on the schedule, but they have provided some technical support and since then we have independently worked on our programme concepts and production.

We launched Bmusic Ltd. in the summer of 2014 and produced Noise Reel, a local music news and entertainment concept, which is now broadcast monthly.

How has it developed since you first started?
We have actually been releasing shows on our Youtube channel (youtube.com/thisisBmusic) since early 2013 and that year went to Meadowlands festival and started featuring other local music events long before Latest TV launched. Those early pilots are a bit basic now as we watch them back, but we had to start somewhere and I’m really proud of our development on a zero budget.

What’s your background?
I got into music journalism at Uni where I became Music Editor for DeMontfort University Newspaper, the Demon. I also began presenting a couple of radio shows on a community radio station up in Leicester called Demon FM. The show I took over was called ‘Future Innovations’, which focused on promoting student musicians across the UK. It had won Best Specialist Music Award the year before.

And musical background?
Well my mum will tell you I got the music bug back when I started wailing and bashing pots and pans in the kitchen as a 3 year old. I didn’t ever learn the drums but I play the guitar and have written many songs as a singer songwriter and been in a couple of amateur bands in Leicester and Brighton.

My current band, with a couple of school friends, is called Califia and we perform catchy pop-rock, I guess! We haven’t recorded anything yet but if you want to hear any of my solo bits and pieces I have a soundcloud soundcloud.com/singer_davo. I really should keep it more up to date but I’ve been so busy with Bmusic.
Highlights of BMusic so far?
I honestly can say that meeting each live session guest we have on Noise Reel is a highlight, and every single one has been great in their own way. I was particularly proud when we registered the company and the first time we were broadcast on Latest TV.

Gig highlights of the past year?
I think my favourite musical experience this year was In The Woods Festival, which was in Kent. I made many great new discoveries there: Glass Animals, Jack Garratt, Francobollo, Febueder, Pomrad, some of which are starting to get national recognition now. That festival never ceases to impress and inspire me, not to mention providing me with a decent two-day hangover…

Best gig ever?
Oooh, difficult. I’m going all the way back to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By The Way tour at London Arena when I was young, impressionable and less analytical. I’d loved them for years and just remember enjoying it from start to finish. It was a great show with support from Mars Volta on their first UK outing, I think.

If you had the choice who would you like to see tonight?
Are time machines allowed for this one?? Ha ha! It would be neck and neck between Foo Fighters after There is Nothing Left to Lose was released, and Michael Jackson on the Bad Tour. I know someone who went to Wembley Arena for that, he must have only been two or three, but I’m still jealous…

What are your plans for BMusic?
We are working with a group from City College, Resident Records and Tony Marks from Juice FM to bring a fresh indie chart to local screens so keep an eye out for that.
Our key aim in 2015 is to source streams of funding and provide a sustainable model for making fresh music television, providing opportunities to local developing professionals in the industry and grow peoples awareness worldwide of the depth of this region’s music scene.

We hope to attract sponsors and will be crowd-funding on Crowdfunder.co.uk by end of Jan so if you like what we are doing and want to support us please do have a look at that.