Yumi & The Weather – Spiegeltent – 7th May 2014

YumiThere’s no doubt Yumi & The Weather are a quality outfit. With only a handful of live performances under their belt the whole band is a real tour de force. There may still be a few rough edges but the band provide total assurance that there is a lot more to come from this exciting and emerging new talent.
Not only do the band gel extremely well on stage and create a harmonious, driving sound but visually they look the part and have a confidence and air of ‘expectancy’ which is full of intent and purpose. Yumi (Ruby Tyler) is totally beguiling with her infectious personality, excellent vocals and surprisingly intricate guitar work, excellently supported with backing vocals which are beautifully arranged, under pinning her own vocals to provide more depth and power.
I particularly liked the way the songs were allowed to build and develop almost organically, keeping you beautifully in check until Ruby’s vocals and the band gather you up, exploding in light and colour. The style of the material is wonderfully dark and foreboding at times like a ‘Blade Runner’ movie but at the same time exhilarating and very rhythmic. Treating us to a variety of musical influences from Electro to Rock to Jazz but always maintaining their own distinctive style and originality.
Having seen many bands over many years Yumi & The Weather deliver on all fronts and an absolute tonic for reviewer and audience a like. Yumi & The Weather are a stunning prospect indeed and already capable of gracing any major festival this summer so Promoters book them while you can!
Frank Sansom
CEO Brightonsfinest.com