Seafret – Patterns, Brighton – 24th February 2019

Photo by Liam McMillen

Bridlington duo Seafret have, impressively, overcome being dropped by their label Sony Music Entertainment due to one thing and one thing alone: the enthusiasm and passion of their fanbase. Sticking with them every step of the way, the band have come through the other side looking bigger and better than they ever did before. Their gig at Patterns – their first Brighton gig since supporting Amber Run at Concorde 2 back in 2017 – was an excellent showcase of the progress the band have made and the extended love-in that has grown between the band and their fans.

Support on the night came from relative newcomers Outline, who benefitted from the whole host of passionate early comers who watched with awe throughout. Made up of alternative pop sounds such as rock and folk, and influenced by the likes of Halsey and Laura Marling, the duo, made up of Macy and Stanley, put in an impressively proficient performance of soothing, acoustic-led ballads. Ending song ‘Citrus’, in particular, is a breezy, laidback ballad that brings to mind the likes of Jack Johnson.

Next, it was time for a change of tact with rising star Rosborough. A steelier, more rock and roll-heavy vibe, the Derry singer-songwriter proved just why he’s set to join Amy MacDonald on tour in the next few months. Riding the wave of his acoustic EP The Paper Boats, released at the end of last year, a true highlight came from his cover of Daniel Johnston’s ‘True Love Will Find You in the End’. A near tear-jerker, that brought an atmospheric hush to the venue, it was a very impressive performance indeed.

Yet, the best was yet to come as Seafret made their way to the stage. Touring in celebration of their brilliant EP Monsters, released last year, as well as their brand-new single ‘Loving You’, which was released at the beginning of February, the band are showcasing some serious momentum and their confidence on the night is sheer proof of that. Ploughing their way through old songs and new, with the crowd singing along to every single note, there’s a spine-tingling rapport between the band and their fans.

Frontman Jack Sedman, in particular, is an outstanding frontman. Not just with his husky vocals, either, as he brings a gorgeous humanity to the band with his on-stage talk. “We try to make you laugh in between songs because they’re pretty sad,” he stated, and he does that perfectly. A massively enjoyable atmosphere, the band revelled in their almost 90-minute set, which they more than have enough material for now.

Early singles ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Wildfire’ are proof the band always had hit songs in them, but it’s their newer stuff – in particular ending song ‘Monsters’, which sees the arrival of Rosborough’s drummer for a fully-fledged indie sound – which proves that the band are continuing to grow with each release. With mega-single ‘Oceans’ dropped in for good measure around the halfway mark, this was a masterclass in keeping your audience happy. A band that keep on giving, Seafret are set for a second explosion any minute now.

Liam McMillen