Phoria – The Hope – 1st August 2013

This month’s experimental/electronic themed Breakout Night was a raging success with a line-up to shout about!

Fox In The City kicked off the night with their Progressive/instrumental and electronic soundscapes. A fairly new band on the Brighton scene, Fox In The City are making a name for themselves and we’re not surprised. They played a fantastic set with a bountiful use of interesting rhythms and chord sequences. Their track ‘[One]’ was certainly a favorite of mine, with the catchy guitar hook beginning the song and resonating through the crowd at the end. Fox In The City’s debut EP [One] is out now & available on their website.

Luo followed shortly after with an array of fantastically intricate beats mixed with live instruments. Luo’s tracks had the perfect mix of intensity and space using triggered samples to create a dream-like soundscape. The use of various vocal samples (which had been distorted to great effect) was also refreshing and helped break up their instrumental set. My favorite track of the night was ‘Aardvarks’ which not only had complex rhythms and powerful bass lines – but the textures throughout the song added the emotion to make it stand out. You can download Luo’s EP ‘Antidote’ for free from their bandcamp, and we recommend you do!

Phoria finished the night off with a swirling set of innovative melodies and spine tingling beats. Lead singer Trewin Howard makes Phorias unique sound come to life with his fragile vocals and elusive lyrics. The band worked incredibly well together as a collective and all shared prominent stage presence yet without stealing the lime-light. The drummer, Seryn Burden, was especially note-worthy as he played with extraordinary emotion and sensitivity using both drum pads and live kit which worked well to compliment Phoria’s sound. Phoria’s two stand out tracks for me on the night were ‘Red’, which has gathered a lot of attention from both radio and press in recent months, and ‘Posture’ which is a haunting track to say the least which flawlessly gathers momentum and dynamic throughout. Their new EP ‘Bloodworks’ is out now and available on iTunes! BrightonsFinest highly recommends you go and buy it now!

Amelié Finch