Our Girl – The Haunt, Brighton – 26th October 2018

Photo by Jamie MacMillan

To say it’s been quite a year for Our Girl is rather the understatement. From releasing their debut album, to live sessions on Radio 6 music, European festivals, and finally finishing off the year with a UK headline tour. So, what better way to round up a headline tour than with a homecoming show?

The Haunt was heaving for the trio’s final date of their first headline tour, and the excitement was apparent throughout, as fans seemed genuinely excited to hear the album they’ve grown to love performed live. Close to selling out, it didn’t matter that the space wasn’t at full capacity. The band seemed chuffed to be back on home soil, and the fans seemed ready for a dose of Friday night ear candy.

Starting the night off were Brighton-based Breathe Panel (who feature bassist Josh Tyler from Our Girl) and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard who hail from Cardiff. Both seemed like apt ways to start the evening; showcasing some of the newest and most exciting bands on the indie guitar scene in the UK at the moment.

By the time Our Girl graced the stage, the crowd were geared up to dance, and the main event did not disappoint. The band steadily worked their way through their stunning debut album, Stranger Today, each song getting a warmer reception than the one before – the vibe almost reaching electric status by the end of the set. The band definitely made the most of the fact that they were playing to a crowd who know the places they wrote about on the album, lead singer Soph Nathan revealing with a knowing smile that that track ‘Level’ is about the infamous Level in Brighton.

It was smiles all around as drummer Lauren asked for the air conditioning in the room to be turned down so she could, “Sweat it out for the last night of tour”. It was consistently clear that the band were enjoying every moment of bringing their album to life, and this joy was undoubtedly contagious. A couple of girls in the front row were having such a great time dancing along to favourites such as ‘Our Girl’ and ‘In My Head’ they just moved their dancing to the stage itself, the least dramatic stage storm ever witnessed, one that was welcomed by the band, as they all danced together to Our Girl’s catchy melodies.

The night ended on a strong and unassuming note, just how the night started really. No encore was needed, the set ended in an effortless way which was only fitting for a band like ‘Our Girl’, where no formalities are required.

In hindsight, The Haunt was the perfect fit for the grungy pop riffs and Soph Nathan’s raucous vocals. After letting the seamless night of music sink in, it’s exciting to think what this band may achieve in 2019.

Chloe Carla Zarha

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