Ocean Wisdom – Patterns – 1st June 2016

Hometown performances are notoriously explosive and Ocean Wisdom made no exception in the tightly packed basement of Patterns. Bursting onto the scene in the spring of 2015 with the emphatic debut single ‘Walkin’’, this hype beast racked up over 1.5 million views and now he’s looking to make his mark in the industry with his recent debut album ‘Chaos ‘93’.

Brighton has never been known for its rowdy crowds and on a Wednesday night, any artist would have their work cut out for them. However, the immeasurable intensity of newcomer Ocean Wisdom was more than enough, fuelling one of the biggest mosh pits that Patterns will ever see. The explosivity of the crowd nearly ended in tears when an over-eager fan wedged his foot in the fencing in front of the stage. This turned out to be a highlight of the night as Wiz pulled up the track to have a giggle at the keen youngster who took it all a bit far.

‘Gone’ reverberated deep throughout the building with its bouncy bass-line and swing brass high notes. The cheeky grin on the 23-year-old as he raps ‘I know you’ll miss me’ was a breath of fresh air. Slapping hands with fans as well as his humble gratefulness make it obvious this man loves what he’s doing. Far too often we see marketing plans dressed up as anniversary tours, lacking that cunning and passion that has inspired the ever-growing, Ocean Wisdom and his cultish following is putting that right.

DJ Putnam pieced together the puzzle of layers, mixing tracks with a slick confidence and an ability to improvise as Ocean Wisdom cherry-picked a song for a Canadian fan that had flown over just for the gig.

Having seen some of the golden era greats throughout 2015, I was excited to see what the new generation of rappers has to bring and all expectations were surpassed. This is an artist that does not want to compromise, with lyrical pace that Twista would be jealous of, as well as crystalline clarity. Ocean Wisdom is making big moves both in the studio and out on the road. There is no doubt he is one of the best emerging acts in hip-hop anywhere.
Elliot Wright

Facebook: facebook.com/OceanSpitzWisdom
Twitter: twitter.com/Ocean_Wisdom