Miles Kane – Concorde 2, Brighton – 25th June 2018

Photo by Liam McMillen

If you ever thought Miles Kane was just Alex Turner’s right hand man in The Last Shadow Puppets, you were very, very wrong. His packed out Concorde 2 show – probably the most packed I’ve ever seen it – was testament to this as he was welcomed like a hero from start to finish, as the crowd chanted his name between every song. Make no mistake, with his new album Coup De Grace out in August, Miles Kane looks set to join the upper echelons of indie music.

Support for the whole tour came from The Mysterines who have an air of mystery about them. Not on any social media, as well as running posters around Liverpool with ‘Who are The Mysterines?’, they answered it emphatically with this support slot. The three-piece are a ferocious blend of garage rock with a Runaways-style no-nonsense rhythm section topped off with Lia Metcalfe’s razor-sharp voice and deadly stare. Who are The Mysterines? They could be your next favourite band.

Before Miles Kane even made his way onto the stage, Concorde 2’s crowd reminisced a football match. With intense sing-alongs to everything from Slade to Abba to T. Rex, they were more than ready for Miles Kane to come on – and then he did – subsequently ripping into a new song before tearing the house down with ‘Inhaler’. Miles Kane, the solo artist, has been away for a very long time, and it could be forgiven for forgetting a few of his old school bangers but that certainly didn’t happen here. Everyone knew the words, everyone was dancing and everyone was loving it.

It got to the point where Kane didn’t even have to sing. On the likes of ‘Rearrange’ and ‘Colour of the Trap’ the crowd sing-along was deafening and the moshing and beer in the air was something only normally associated with a stadium gig. In fact, a lot of tonight seemed miles bigger than the Concorde 2’s venue. It had been sold-out for months, the crowd filtered all the way into the bar area, and then something even more special happened. “I’d like to welcome on a very special guest Brighton. He helped me write this song and we’re going to play it together. Please welcome, Mr Paul Weller”. It was at this point where the Concorde 2 erupted and it seemed like Kane could have well and truly sold-out the Dome.

Performing ‘You’re Gonna Get It’ from 2013’s Don’t Forget Who You Are was a special moment, but it was their second song that really lifted the roof. A cover of ‘Get It On’ by T. Rex performed by Miles Kane and Paul Weller was absolutely surreal and such a special moment. Considering he’s just played a barn-storming show at the Brighton Centre, it has to go down as one of the venue’s most impressive moments since the Foo Fighters last performed here.

Importantly, too, Kane managed to keep the levels of excitement up even when Weller left. Ripping into ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ towards the end is Kane’s statement of intent. It’s a real foot-stomper in the vein of Marc Bolan, delivering Kane’s key message to any who might doubt his abilities: “Don’t build me up/Make up your mind/And keep the faith/I’ll keep the faith”. His loyal fans certainly kept the faith, and they’ve been rewarded not only with a rollicking good show, but a very, very special guest. It was superb all round.

Liam McMillen