Marika Hackman – Green Door Store – 20th March 2013

So the time had come for The Great Escape’s ‘Spring Party’. However ‘Spring’ was certainly not in the air. Brighton seemed pretty deserted until I arrived at The Green Door Store which was buzzing with anticipation for an evening of great music.
I had come to see Marika Hackman as I’ve been a big fan of her music since I first discovered her back in 2010 doing the rounds of small Brighton venues and bars. But now, with a handful of BBC Radio 1, 2 & 6 plays under her belt and gigs @ SXSW she’s taking the world by storm.  
Marika Hackman’s Debut EP ‘That Iron Taste’ is a series of stories. Beautifully delicate songs that encompass swirling melodies and haunting harmonies. After listening to ‘That Iron Taste’ EP and falling in love with it, particularly the production and use of percussion & other instruments – I was interested to see how she would come across live with only an electric guitar at her hands and a pedal at her feet.
When Hackman first appeared on stage the room wasn’t even half full. However, by the time she got to her first chorus the room was filled with silent audience members with mesmerized eyes. Marika took our hands and lead us through her surreal world.

Whilst her writing and technical performance were absolutely faultless, Hackman doesn’t seem to do much else whilst she’s on stage apart from stare blankly towards the back of the room. This might indeed be a particular style she is trying to achieve which is comparable to the nervous and fragile performances of Keaton Henson. My friend agreed that it added to her charm and character whereas I would have preferred to see a little more animation. Between songs, however, Marika’s witty banter and humble words were highly amusing and particularly well received.
If you haven’t already got a copy of Marika Hackman’s ‘That Iron Taste’ or booked tickets to see her live – then I suggest you do so now as I know there will be big things for Marika Hackman this year.