Louis Sterling – Brighton Electric – 15th February 2019

Louis Sterling - Brighton Electric
Photo by Joe Boothby

The fantastic recording and performing space, Brighton Electric, gave us a night of immersive and authentic electronic live music, hosted and presented by Werkstatt Promotions in partnership with local music academy BIMM. This evening also had the noble goal of raising money for Brighton-based charity Grassroots Suicide Prevention. As well as this, it presented us with many fantastic upcoming electronic artists.

These acts included Geiste, Reuben Falle and the respective headliner of the night Louis Sterling. We were also treated to a DJ set from Motiiv before the show’s curfew.

To reflect the electronic theme of the night, the studio in which the sets were taking place were set up more like a club than your conventional gig which, in my mind, made it all the more interesting.

The first set of the night came from Geiste, who arguably proved to be the most intriguing and unique act of the night, as her captivating and ambient electronic sound created a brilliantly vast level of mood in her music. The London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist really had the audience immersed with the bottomless depth of synth noises and gorgeous melodies. It was clear to me that Geiste was an artist deserving of huge recognition.

Following up was Reuben Falle and, from this point onwards, everything felt a lot more enigmatic, especially with this artist’s almost abstract sound, which gave me impressions of Apex Twin. However, the more downbeat nature of Reuben’s music helped it become more immersive and dreamlike. It was one of those sets that one could accurately describe as an experience and, with this, the crowd confirmed that it was an enjoyable one at that.

Louis Sterling’s set continued where Reuben Falle left off, with an equally, if not more abstract and surreal sound, but this time with more of an upbeat fashion which proved to be a good fit this deep into the evening.

It certainly did blur the lines between a lot of different genres of electronic music and I could see how he has been known as an artist that deconstructs musical barriers. It was incredibly easy for me to get completely lost in his music for all the right reasons.

While Louis Sterling certainly showed he is a brilliant headliner for such a show, I feel that a lot of my focus was towards the show itself: the amazing cause it had and just how brilliantly it let the crowd really feel the music. I should also give props to the amazing visuals that made up the backdrops for each of the artists, as I feel this boosted the mood of the show and represented the sheer artistry all acts had to offer.

In conclusion, the authenticity and feeling of community that felt present the entire night is really what made this live show so special.

Joe Boothby

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