Husky Loops – Patterns, Brighton – 7th December 2018

Photo by Liam McMillen

Husky Loops, the London via Bologna trio, seemingly came out of nowhere in the back end of 2016. One of the most unique bands in the country right now, their show at Brighton’s Patterns showcased their inherent experimentation, as well as exhibiting an example of just how popular they’re becoming. With a fusion of wild shrieking psych-tinged guitars, as well as a laddish swagger you’d expect from a Madchester band, Husky Loops are almost crafting an entirely new genre for themselves.

First support on the night came from local band Dirty, who played to a minimal audience and kicked off a night brimming with exciting trios. Not letting the small crowd phase them, the band created a sinister and wondrous set made up of dirty guitar licks and menacing vocals from lead singer Arran Ainsworth. With an outstandingly talented performance from Kurt Cobrighton on drums, too, who produced a thrilling display of refined yet disorderly drum beats, Dirty are proving to be a very well-rounded band.

Next came Murmur, who impressed us last month with a superb support slot with Welsh rockers Pretty Vicious. A band who are growing with each performance, their snarling take on grunge is becoming wickedly confident. Frontman George Mills, too, is growing into a consummate performer in particular, in a performance that is equal parts sophisticated and rumbling. A band that have more than paid their dues on the live circuit, it’s incredibly exciting thinking about what’s going to be on the horizon for the band in 2019.

The arrival of Husky Loops, however, was the one thing on everyone’s minds. A fairly small, but incredibly dedicated, crowd filtered into Patterns and I overheard two people proclaim their giddy excitement before the arrival of the dynamic trio. With a screen overlooking the band, and wild lighting throughout, the group didn’t let them down on pure spectacle and their set was incredibly unique for such a small venue. Frontman Pier Danio Forni in particular is an outstanding presence on stage and interacts with the keen audience members sublimely, including during the end of the set, where he brings a fan on stage to join in on the action.

A mid-set highlight of 2018 single ‘Daft’ proved just how talented the band really are. A charismatic blend of the rave and indie scene, it surprisingly evokes indie heroes Kasabian with its anthemic chorus and get-up-and-go stylistics. A simple yet experimental – and a smooth yet effective – blend of acid rave, indie and swaggering rock and roll, the band owned the stage from start to finish. An extraordinarily singular band, and incredibly inimitable, Husky Loops produced one of the finest live shows of the year.

Liam McMillen