Haiku Hands – Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton – 22nd October 2018

Photo by Liam McMillen

They must be putting something in the water down under. Producing stars in every genre, there’s an exciting feeling happening whenever an Aussie act hits the city. Haiku Hands, without a doubt the buzziest band of the entire Great Escape, made a speedy return to Brighton at Komedia’s Studio Bar. Despite the fact it was on a Monday, the Australian trio still managed to bring the party vibes and continued and defined their reputation as one of the most exciting bands in the world right now. Like their compatriots Confidence Man, Haiku Hands are a fresh, vibrant and exuberant slice of indie-pop and one of the most contagiously captivating live acts.

Support on the fabulous night of indie-pop came from Brighton-based Tilda Allie. Performing a set on her own, without a backing band, for one of the first nights it was a set that really highlighted the impressive force of nature that is Allie’s voice. Stating that she’s always striving for a “completely authentic” sound, she introduced her songs with real class and explained the meaning behind many of them, which made the likes of ‘Taste of Your Lips’ and ‘Timeframe’ have even more of an impact. So impressive, considering she was alone on the stage, it brought out the question of whether Allie even needs a band behind her.

Thus, the evening was set for an explosive night of indie-pop which started with a quick-fire DJ set by Haiku Hands that thoroughly got the audience in the mood. Arriving on stage dramatically, donned in masks, they erupted into brand-new single ‘Squat’, their new collaboration with True Vibenation. A blast of kinetic energy, it’s instantly clear that Haiku Hands came here to bring the party. This is what Haiku Hands do so well. There’s a cinematic dynamism to the band that proves both exciting and captivating. Featuring extreme lighting, party poppers and some outrageous dance moves, each and every member leave everything they can up on the stage. Even on a Monday night and to a half-full venue, they’re prepared to go that extra step for maximum entertainment.

While singles ‘Not About You’ and ‘Jupiter’ get the mass-singalongs going, with the band joining the crowd to add to the atmosphere, it’s testament to the three-piece that every single song they play can be sung back to them by the final chorus. Such is the power and nuance of their brilliantly written pop, there’s an enrapturing and dazzling charm to the band that you just don’t see too often. Honestly, it won’t be surprising if Haiku Hands go on to become pop royalty.

With just three singles to their name it’s impressive how wildly entertaining and dazzling Haiku Hands can be and, ultimately, not a single person left the Studio Bar without a huge smile on their face. The trio are worthy of all the plaudits they received at The Great Escape and this show in particular proved that they’re not just a festival band and they can certainly cut it on a cold Monday evening.

Liam McMillen

Facebook: www.facebook.com/haikuhands
Twitter: twitter.com/haiku_hands